Aura stands for energy in all dimensions. Its derives its energy from the sun and fulfills all aspects of it’s promise. The ethnic dynamism of the Indian region and it’s culture makes it one of the most dense diversified cultures of the world. Aura Voyages ushers you to our land of magic. To the Indian Region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to curate joyful accessible holidays for all with socially responsible and authentic bespoke local travel experiences.

Our Vision :

Continue to inspire travellers and be among the India’s trusted inclusive travel companies by consistently meeting the evolving needs of our customers, and continue to contribute positively towards our environment and our society.

Our Core Values :

Do what’s right (Accountability, Ethics, Fair trade)

Go the extra mile (Be passionate, Be humble, Give your best, Transparency, Communication)

Encourage inclusivity (Humility, Teamwork, Community building and environment conscious)

Results (Continuously measure and evaluate, Adapt, Improve)

Responsible Travel Policy

Employing local monument guides or city guides (depending on type of tours). Even in case of accompanying guide, certain visits will include local guides as they would be more specialised for a particular activity.

Our tours include city walks or heritage walks or even small treks which employ local guides with knowhow of that particular activity for best experience.

Most of our tours will have one session about introduction to ancient practice of Yoga with a local yoga teacher.

Activities like rides (bicycle rides around countryside and cities) and tuk-tuk rides using local people.

Contributing our bit to Sightsavers India ; NGO taking care of Mentally Challenged people and giving yoga lessons to Visually Impaired Girls.

Whenever possible we take services of NGOs that are involved in tourism e.g. Pink City Rickshaw ride company in Jaipur that aims to provide employment opportunity to women from low income households.

Visiting local families for meals and interaction.

Including stay with locals in form of homestays.

Local craft shops for souvenirs and gifts.

Our suppliers are paid immediately after they have rendered their services to our guests.

Supporting local restaurants for meals.

Our environmental policy starts from our office and our homes. We use minimum of papers, we donot print unless and until it is essential. Once paper is printed and has served its purpose, it is reused from opposite side either for printing or for manual writing, for office internal use. Once fully used, paper is sold further to recycling.

We donot use single use plastic like plastic cups or plastic plates or even sealed water bottles in office.

To receive our guests at airport, hand written board is used or electronic board instead of a paper paging board or laminated paper paging board.

As a welcome kit, guests are handed over cloth bags which can be used for shopping or to carry small items during their travel in India and later can be carried back home for further use.

Wherever possible, we include tuk-tuk rides which runs on environment friendly fuel (CNG).

For each guest we give stainless steel water bottles that can be used each day for filling filtered water from their hotels before leaving their hotel…this avoids using Plastic Mineral water bottles.

In certain cities we also give option of using bicycles for visits instead of using their accompanying vehicle.

Go green hotels.

Include trains wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint.

Visit a wildlife conservation sanctuary

Visit local museums and craft centres including painting schools important in preserving the craft.

Attend local music and dance performances.

Visiting local families for meals or stays and celebrating local festivals.

Wherever possible involving INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) for walking tours.

Meet indigenous community called protector or wildlife and environment (Bishnoi community in Western Rajasthan)

Learn a craft, like pottery learning or ceramic making

Visit a café by NGO working towards rehab of acid attack survivors.

Here is a list of things I can do for you


You have the freedom to create the adventures of your dreams. Starting from scratch, you can build your perfect itinerary based around where you want to go and what you want to do…we, with our experience of the region, will help you to get the best experience.


You will be accompanied by a professional Indian guide with knowledge of the region and will take care of all the services from the beginning to the end of the tour. Also you can opt for local guides in each city.


We have carefully selected certain home-stays, small boutique hotels which serve as an ideal destination for a weekend get-away.


Most parents agree that if the children are enjoying themselves then the parents are too. Travelling through India with your own small family or with close friends give you the holidays full of fun and memory of your lifetime.


Solo travel is on the rise !! It allows you much more freedom and a greater opportunity to connect with locals. But for some, venturing out into the world completely solo can be intimidating. The good news is, you can book a guided trip with other travelers who are on their own.


We ensure that your travel to our Indian region supports the local communities, environment and economy.


Our dedicated team at Abled Traveller, inhouse brand of Aura Voyages, helps our abled travellers on Wheelchairs to explore India. We have carefully selected cities, hotels and other elements accessible for wheelchairs to make their travel a memorable one.


I have worked some 15 years for big Travel Operators in India. I have now decided to start my own travel agency “Aura Voyages”.
Aura Voyages will be focused on small groups and tailor made individual tours based on my detailed experience these last 15 years. An experience which I know will reward many tourists with impressions and information not always fully nor with specific interesting details found in the usual tourist guides.
Our team is for people who have a passion for the traditional romantic and exotic India. It is for those wanting to know how India with its intriguing history is moving into the modern world. We also want to introduce you to the fascinating aspects of life in Nepal and Bhutan. We have an expert knowledge that we feel proud to share with you.
We will help you to choose tours to be remembered and to be talked about to your friends. Tours made for groups or tailor made for private itineraries.
Our aim is that you get to know authentic India, Nepal and Bhutan by discovering the people & traditions in towns, palaces, temples, museums and the countryside and the festivals.


Our Landgods secure
where we can’t


Aura Voyages carries a commercial Genera Liability Insurance.
Transport and hotel are insured for their services. Drivers are knowledgeable of their routes
and carry valid driving license. Guides know their region/country well and are authorized.
Strong network of local offices across India, Nepal and Bhutan.
Constant contact with travelers throughout the trip.

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